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The Loss Adjusting Awards is supporting EdUKaid, one of the Incisive Media Foundation's chosen charities. During the evening there will be an opportunity to make a donation in cash, by cheque or via pledge. Envelopes will be available on your table for this purpose. If you would like to make a separate donation to the Incisive Media Foundation or are interested in donating a raffle or auction prize, please contact Incisive Media directly via Fiona Paterson -



EdUKaid - ‘To learn is to live'

EdUkKaid is a UK based charity that is dedicated to changing the lives of some of the most deprived children living in the developing world. Support from EdUKaid enables them to gain dignity and prosperity for themselves and their communities by providing education.

By focusing on many different areas of education in the Mtwara region in Southern Tanzania, EdUKaid can help to educated children living in one of the poorest regions of Africa. This education will be vital for addressing economic, social and health issues for each child as well as their community.

Founded in 2003, EdUKaid now supports 14 schools in Mtwara.

School support:
Both primary and secondary schools in Mtwara lack some of the most basic resources and facilities needed for education. Some of these include:
• Insufficient classrooms
• Sanitary facilities
• Desks
• Chairs
• Textbooks

EdUKaid works with the schools to find out what they need the most and then providing it for them where possible. Teacher training of existing staff is then implemented to help the schools best utilize the resources provided to them.

Volunteer teachers:
EdUKaid has qualified volunteers that teach English, mathematics and Science in Primary and Secondary schools. English is the main focus for the volunteers for the following reasons:
• It is the language of business and government in Tanzania
• It is incredibly important for the tourism industry
• Pupils fail to learn enough English at Primary school so when they move on they are unable to learn their other subjects. This is why EdUKaid aims to introduce English at both Primary and Secondary levels.

School links:
EdUKaid is able to link schools in the UK with those in Mtawara. This enables the pupils from both the schools to be able to exchange information and learn about each other's cultures, lifestyles and difficulties.

School lunches:
The pupils in the schools supported by EDUKaid often have concentration lapses as the school day progresses. Pupils will often have to walk long distances to and from school and very few have food available at school. EdUKaid is working to improve pupils' food intake throughout their day at school which will help to boost their concentration levels.

School resources, teacher training, learning about different cultures and food are all very important in helping children get the most out of their education in the developing world. EdUKaid permanently supports these projects as well as continuously assessing what else needs to be done in order to improve education further in Tanzania. In particular they are looking to influence relevant government departments at all levels to develop productive changes as well as continuing to find the best way to utilize their available resources to further their aims of changing the lives of children in developing countries.

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